Energy Psychology in Leeds and Headingley

Energy Methods in Psychotherapy

Profound healing for a wide range of problems can be enabled by the energy psychology methods integrated into psychotherapy and are probably better experienced than explained. A thorough account of science and efficacy can be found in here, Energy Psychology: Efficacy, speed, mechanisms by David Feinstein.

It is interesting and satisfying that science, spirituality and psychology meet in the theory and practice of energy psychology because our minds have been confused by them being set apart in a consensus reality prejudiced against spirituality. It wasn’t until the 1990’s through such books as Molecules of Emotion: The Science behind Mind-Body Medicine by Candace Pert and websites such as that it was understood that every cell and organ of our bodies has an electro-magnetic field, and that information is stored and communications happen in this medium in concert with other body processes. Dan Siegal has drawn together the understanding the energy is information and that what we think of a “mind” isn’t simply located in the brain, but a flow of information that can find form through the brain. And this idea that we as individuals are participants in natural and cultural flows of energy as information, in-forming, finding form, comes for me to have strong resonance with spiritual realities and practices.

Very briefly, holding or stimulating meridian points and chakras while holding a problem or trauma in mind can provide very effective relief. I will introduce the methods in the course of a session when we identify a problem and its roots.  Once they make sense to you they become part of the flow of traditional talk therapy enabling insight, free associations and self discovery.

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